Front Corner Protect

Front Corner Protect is a passive compact nearside corner 2 sensor system that gives the driver an audible warning of stationary and moving obstacles (bollards/cyclists/pedestrians etc.) thereby eliminating blind spots that can result in accidental damage and personal injury.

Front corner protect is proven to greatly reduce nearside corner, step and side damage, also third party damage and personal injury.

A driver-friendly buzzer with 3 stage adjustable volume emits an intermittent beep when an object/hazard enters the initial detection zone of 60cm, at the critical proximity of 30cm the beep becomes a constant tone alerting the driver of the imminent danger.

Specifically designed and developed for the commercial truck and coach market, Xvision proximity systems use revolutionary new Vehicle Powerline Communication (VPC), ultrasonic sensors and DataCAN technology. Combined with a sophisticated noise reduction system to reduce false alarms , Xvision provide greater safety and convenience than ever before.

To download a Proximity Systems Function Guide for Commercial Vehicles CLICK HERE

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