Why choose Xvision

Established in 1981, Xvision are Europe’s largest supplier of aftermarket proximity systems to the automotive industry and have built an enviable reputation for quality and innovation. Current customers include Ford and General Motors.

Ease of installation on any type vehicle

Unique DataCAN technology overcomes the need to hard wire between the trailer and tractor unit on articulated vehicles. On rigid vehicles and coaches this unique system overcomes the need to run cables from the rear to the front of the vehicle. DataCAN is not a through atmosphere transmitted system and is not susceptible to external interference. This allows any tractor with a fitted TrailerPark LED display to be used with any trailer using the VPC system.

Save time, money and lives

All Xvision Systems are built with the fleet operator in mind. Installation times are kept to an absolute minimum as a result of using unique data-can technology, minimising the time a vehicle is off the road (VOR) and workshop time, delivering major cost savings. For example installation time of a rear 4 sensor system on either a rigid or articulated vehicle is just one and a half hours.

Xvision proximity systems cost much less than the average damage repair bill. Enjoy reduced accident damage claims, bills and a decreased risk of accident injury claims. For a full and comprehensive illustration of exactly how much you can expect to save please call 0845 2700 862 to arrange a free consultation.

Type Approved – E mark

All Xvision proximity systems are fully type approved and carry the “E” mark as a seal of quality and reliability. This also ensures that your vehicle warranty will not be affected in any way if Xvision products are fitted and properly installed.

Full 3 Year Warranty

All Xvision proximity system products carry a full comprehensive, no quibble 3 year warranty.

Customer Support

Xvision not only supply the most advanced proximity systems available but they can manage and oversee installation to your vehicles. A committed team of experienced staff are always available to deal with any requests, queries or help and advise as and when required both before and after a system is fitted.

Peace of Mind for all road users

Xvision proximity systems protect the owners, operators and drivers of trucks, busses and all types of commercial vehicles from costly accident damage repairs and third party insurance claims. Systems also protect other road users including cyclists and pedestrians from injury and accident damage.

Help for the driver when they need it most

Xvision’s advanced proximity systems help drivers see the things they cannot see from inside the cabin. Active sensors detect objects, including cyclists, pedestrians, bollards, and walls. A dashboard mounted LED display or warning buzzer informs the driver of obstacles at the front, side and rear of the vehicle from 1.5 metres (5ft) up to 30cm (1ft) away.

New Legislation requirements

It is a legal requirement, for commercial vehicle operators to ensure their vehicles meet the latest government legislation. Xvision proximity systems not only meet these standards but Xvision’s fully qualified staff can advise on what system is best suited for each individual user and vehicle.

Advanced Technology

Revolutionary new Vehicle Powerline Communication (VPC) active sensors specifically designed and developed for the commercial truck and coach market detect objects, including cyclists, pedestrians, bollards, and walls.

Research and Development

Xvision have developed a range of safety related products including Alarms, Daytime Running Lights and Proximity Systems for cars, vans, caravans, motorhomes, trucks and busses. Utilising revolutionary new Vehicle Powerline Communication (VPC), ultrasonic sensors and DataCan technology, Xvision systems have all been developed in the company’s own Technology Centre in the UK.

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