Date: 21st May 2015

Tate Oils Choose “XVISION”

With safety being paramount, Andrew Tate Director of Tate Oils Ltd wanted something more reliable and consistent than the cameras fitted to their fleet of Tankers.

“We have experienced incidents both when reversing and with front corner impacts which show that cameras were not doing their job correctly”

Inconsistency due to prevailing weather conditions would result in the camera images becoming blurred and at worst totally obscured. We had to find a solution as we supply blue chip companies that simply will not tolerate accidents on their premises”

Having approached a number of companies and looked at various solutions we decided to go with Xvision Advanced Safety Systems, they offered a real solution to our issues. We now have front corner and blind spot proximity sensors fitted to our fleet. This system is totally passive and only alerts the driver when something or someone enters the 60cm detection zone, ensuring concentration is on operating the vehicle and not constantly monitoring the camera images.

We also have Xvision rear proximity sensors fitted which takes care of the rear blind spot. These are automatically activated when reverse gear is selected they let the driver know when he approaches objects by way of a visual and audible display mounted in the cab. A key feature of this system is Xvision’s unique (VPC) technology which allows any tractor unit to work with any semi-trailer, you simply couple up as normal and the systems instantly communicate with each other. Fitting time is around 1.5 hrs

Another important issue for us was approval... all the Xvision Systems carry full Type Approval, are also SLIPS, FORS, TFL, CLOCS and Cross rail approved.

All the drivers quickly adapted to both systems and report they work excellently. “I suppose the fact we have had no incidents since having the system fitted is proof of that”



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