Date: 28th February 2014

Xvision - The brand new truck and bus safety system that could save you pounds and even save lives.

Specifically designed and developed for the commercial truck and coach market, Xvision Safety Systems see the dangers drivers can’t always see. Using revolutionary new Vehicle Powerline Communication (VPC) active sensors to detect objects, including cyclists, pedestrians, bollards, and walls. A dashboard mounted LED display or warning buzzer informs the driver of obstacles at the front, side and rear of the vehicle from 1.5 metres (5ft) up to 30cm (1ft) away.

Intelligent software provides accurate detection of narrow and round objects. A sophisticated Noise Reduction System can prevent false alarms from rain or wind, which ultimately provides greater safety, increased comfort and maximum convenience.

By using unique DataCAN technology the system overcomes the need to hard wire between the trailer and tractor unit on articulated vehicles. On rigid vehicles and coaches this unique system overcomes the need to run cables from the rear to the front of the vehicle.

DataCAN is not a through atmosphere transmitted system and is not susceptible to external interference. This allows any tractor with a fitted TrailerPark LED display to be used with any trailer using the VPC system.

Xvision Safety Systems consist of 4 rugged waterproof sensors, with the option of a warning buzzer or dashboard mounted LED display with audible warning.

Xvision Eliminates Blind Spots with…

Corner Protection

Corner protect is a compact nearside corner 4 sensor system that gives the driver both a visual and audible warning of stationary/moving obstacles (bollards/cyclists/pedestrians etc.) thereby eliminating blind spots that can result in accidental damage and personal injury.

Side Protection

The 4 sensor Side Protect system audibly alerts the driver of objects, such as pedestrians and cyclists, when turning the vehicle. The system is particularly useful in urban areas where there is an ever increasing trend of cyclists overtaking slow moving vehicles on the nearside.

Rear Protection

Rear Protect is a comprehensive rear side sensor system whether a truck or a rigid vehicle (powering up as soon as reverse gear is selected). Upon power up the system beeps once and flashes all LEDs as it runs a self diagnostics test. Once an object comes within range (1.5 metres) the unit emits a beeping sound. As the vehicle moves closer to the obstacle the frequency of the sound increases until the driver is within 30cms. At this point a constant tone can be heard.

The Driver’s Mate

Being able to manoeuvre safely has nothing to do with a driver’s ability as most HGV’s and PSV’s have mild to severe vision restriction. Xvision Safety Systems keep the driver informed and aware of what is around them at all times. The system detects obstacles around the vehicle from 30cm (1ft) up to 1.5 metres (5ft) away, making it possible to manoeuvre safely in the tightest places with ease.

Health and Safety Requirements

All companies and driver’s are legally responsible for making certain they have taken every precaution to cover any blind spots when manoeuvring their vehicles. This can be done by using a trained person (Banksman) to guide them or more conveniently by installing an Xvision Safety System. All companies are also responsible for and have a legal obligation to ensure that any vehicles visiting their premises have taken every safety precaution to cover any blind spot.

10 Great reasons to choose Xvision Safety Systems:

  1. Uses the latest DataCAN technology and Vehicle Powerline Communication (VPC) for the most reliable and cost effective safety solution for HGV and PSV users.
  2. Provides an audible and visual warning.
  3. Helps prevent injury to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists when manoeuvring.
  4. Reduces the ever increasing cost of damage to trucks, trailers and coaches.
  5. Reduces the administration costs due to less accidents.
  6. Reduces claims due to damage to 3rd party property and vehicles.
  7. Functions with drawbar and trailer.
  8. Not affected by dirt, condensation or ice.
  9. Projects a safe professional image to users customers.
  10. Comes with a full 3 year warranty.

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